Thematic Portal: Mechanics

  • Engineering Village
    e-books free for mechanical,electrical, civil and chemical engineering.
  • Generic stuff for all Engineers - Engineering Books, References, Look up tables
  • Intute: Science, Engineering and Technology
    Η βάση δίνει την δυνατότητα αναζήτησης σε περιοδικά και δημοσιευμένο υλικό που αφορά τους τομείς μαθηματικών, πληροφορικής και μηχανικής.
  • Seismic Papers Available for Download
    Διαθέσιμο επιστημονικό υλικό σε θέματα σεισμικής μηχανικής.
  • EEVL Enhanced and Evaluated Virtual Library
    EVIL provides access to quality networked engineering, mathematics and computing resources.
  • Energy Citations Database
    The Energy Citations Database (ECD) provides free access to over 2.3 million science research citations from 1948 through the present, with continued growth through regular updates. There are over 150,000 electronic documents, primarily from 1994 forward, available via the database.
  • Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic (J-STAGE)
    Bulletins of academic societies and research papers currently appeared with ease and at low cost.
  • JSTOR: the scholarly journal archive
    An archive of important scholarly journals.

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