The following are eligible to use and borrow from the Library:
  • Members of the Academic Staff
  • Other members of staff of the Institute (administrative staff)
  • Students formally admitted to any of the Instituteʽs departments
  • Students coming from abroad (Erasmus etc)
  • Other persons, residents of Serres

User authentication

A card (library card) will be issued to each registered Library borrower. A person must show his/her identity card in order to be a registered member and acquire his/her own library card. By accepting a library card, the borrower agrees to observe these general lending conditions in the wording applicable from time to time i.e. including any amendments made after the library card has been issued. The borrower agrees to keep himself or herself informed of the current wording of these lending conditions. The card is not transferable and must be shown on request. Lost Library cards must be reported to the Library. All members are responsible for informing the Library of any change of address and telephone numbers.